Le soliloque du pilote Park Entrance C Anser Caerulescens Caerulescens Les Funambules Intérieurs Dé-Idé


  Andra PERRIN
Date of birth: 15th of january 1973 (Paris)
Nationality: French
Sex: Female
Andra Perrin


1991/1992 Sinology studies at the University Paris-Dauphine (France)
1992/1994 German language and literature at the University Lyon III (France)


1992/1994 Student at the Conservatoire Nationale de Région Lyon (France)
- Modern: Michèle Mengual
  Françoise Benet
1994/1998 Student at the Theaterschool Amsterdam (Opleiding Moderne Theaterdans)
- Modern: Angela Linssen
Josje Neumann
Jennifer Hanna
John Taylor
- Ballet: Daniela Graça
Vitor Garcia
- Improvisation: Désirée Delauney
Michael Schumacher
- Guest choreographers: Karin Post
Nan Romijn
Samuel Wuersten
Anouk van Dijk
Paul Selwyn Norton
2001 followed the improvisation workshop with Julyen Hamilton (Amsterdam)
2002 followed the improvisation workshop with Julyen Hamilton (Amsterdam)


1997/1998 Understudy by Anouk van Dijk "My Jester" and "Eter/Ether"
1997/1998 Rehearsal director for Henrietta Horn "Und es geht…"
1998/1999 Understudy by Karin Post "Aan/Uit"
1999/2000 Dancer in "Writing to Vermeer" Louis Andriessen and Peter Greenaway (Amsterdam, Adelaide, New York)
2001 Dancer in "The laws of falling bodies" choreography Tamarah Tossey (Rotterdam, Buitenkunst)
2001 Rehearsal director for "Exit" from Bruno Listopad in the Theaterschool.


1994/1995 "Mina" (Theaterschool Festival, Inneke Sluiter Prijs Finale - - Bellevue Theater Amsterdam)
1995/1996 "It was a dark and stormy night" (Cosmic Theater Amsterdam)
1996/1997 "O, Häuflein klein" (Danswerkplaats, Beurs van Berlage, Theaterschool Amsterdam)
1997/1998 "Gertrude and Barbara" (Danswerkplaats, Theaterschool Festival, Inneke Sluiter Prijs Finale, Frascati, Amsterdam)
1998/1999 "Le soliloque du pilote" (Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, Korzo theater Den Haag)
"Park Entrance C" (Korzo theater, Den Haag, Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam)
2000 "Anser Caerulescens caerulescens" (Felix Meritis Amsterdam)
2001 "Les Funambules Intérieurs" (Rijkhemelsvaartdienst Amsterdam)
2002 "DÉ - IDÉ" Choreography for the first year of the modern dance departement at the Theaterschool Amsterdam


Played ten years violin
Practised several martial arts: Judo, Kung-Fu/Wu-Shu, Shuai Jiao, Tai Chi

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